The Center was established by former lone soldiers & friends of Michael Levin z”l.

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Behind our programs is a dedicated team primarily of former lone soldiers.

Our leadership, staff and volunteers have a unique understanding of what lone soldiers need.

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Executive Board & Committee
Executive Board & Committee
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Staff & Volunteers
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Our Branches

Who are Lone Soldiers

A “lone soldier” is a soldier in the IDF with no family in Israel to support him or her: a new immigrant, a volunteer from abroad, an orphan or an individual from a broken home. Every day tens of thousands of soldiers are defending the State of Israel and its citizens. These soldiers regularly spend weekends and holidays at home where their parents provide for all of their needs; food, laundry, and even a hug. For more than 5700 lone soldiers, there is no immediate family in Israel to support them. Though highly motivated and proud to serve, when on leave, many of them struggle to fulfill their most basic needs.

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The Lone Soldier Center is run by lone soldiers for lone soldiers.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to enable every Lone Soldier to succeed in their army service, successfully integrate into Israeli society and become part of the lone soldier family. We aim to take care of their physical needs and build a community for soldiers before and during their IDF service and encourages them to volunteer and give back to other lone soldiers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist lone soldiers before, during, and after their army service. We provide them with food, laundry, basic necessities, equipment, advice, seminars, social events, monthly Shabbat meals and more. By giving lone soldiers physical and emotional support, we help them get through the difficulties that the army presents.

Our History

The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin was founded in 2009 by a group of former lone soldiers aware and concerned with the needs and struggles of the more than 5,700 lone soldiers serving in the IDF. The Lone Soldier Center is the first and only organization solely dedicated to meeting all of the physical and social needs of lone soldiers.

Tax-deductible Status in Israel

Donations to the Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin are tax-deductible in Israel. Our official documents can be viewed here:
Nihul Takin, Seif 46 Alef

Tax-deductible Status in the USA

We have tax-deductible status (501c3) in the USA via our fiscal sponsor, A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds (FJC). FJC is a registered 501c3 organization with the Internal Revenue Service (EIN: 13-3848582).

Tax-deductible Status in Canada

We have tax-deductible status through the Ne’eman Foundation which provides Canadians with a wide selection of tax-deductible projects in Israel and comply with the requirements of Canadian tax legislation.