Bar & Bat Mitzvah Project

Lone Soldier Bar & Bat Mizvah Project

In Israel, there are teenagers just a few years older than you, who came from around the world to defend Israel and the Jewish people. Their families live thousands of miles away.

Who prepares Shabbat dinner at your house? Who makes sure you have clean clothes? Who do you turn to for a hug when you’re feeling down? Your family.

Who takes care of Israel’s lone soldiers? You can.

As a Jewish adult, you get to be responsible part of Am Yisrael. You now can do your part to take care of Klal Yisrael (the Jewish people) – and lone soldiers, a heroic part of the Jewish people, who you can play an important role in helping. As you celebrate your Bar Mitzvah, you are invited to join the Lone Soldier Center in helping to feed, furnish, and cheer up Israel’s lone soldiers.

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