LSC CODE OF CONDUCT: Official policy and guidelines which apply to all volunteers, staff, board members and anyone associated with lone soldiers, pre-army youth, and/or the Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin’s (the Center) activities.


WHERE TO FIND: Online, Center’s Volunteer Handbook + at Annual Training and Orientation Seminar (Yom Amuta)

PREAMBLE: In order to provide the necessary protection and protect the rights of all lone soldiers, all community members, staff and volunteers involved in the Center’s programming, and ensure proper protocols are in place to protect all parties affiliated in any way with the Center; the following policies are being implemented effective immediately. All staff and volunteers have the responsibility to respect the dignity and rights of one another and all persons the Center supports or is associated with.


Recruitment and Screening of Volunteers:

1. All persons applying for a volunteer positions involving pre, during or post-army lone soldiers must complete and sign a volunteer application form, and be interviewed in person by a staff member.

2. All volunteers, in any role, are required to sign a declaration of confidentiality and participate in an orientation meeting, as a condition of their volunteer participation with the Center.

3. Volunteers will not begin their position until they have been officially accepted for that position and have completed all necessary training and paperwork.

Orientation, Training and Supervision:

4. The relevant Center staff person will provide an orientation to the Center and its mission, and to the work to which the volunteer has been assigned.

5. The Center will provide training for the volunteer per their field/function.

6. Volunteers are eligible for reimbursement of reasonable allowable expenses incurred while fulfilling assigned duties in accordance with ongoing Center practices.

7. Every volunteer is assigned to a clearly identified Center staff person for purposes of consultation, support, direction, ongoing supervision and evaluation.

8. Contact between a Center staff person and volunteer takes place on an as need basis, once placement is activated.


All volunteers and staff of the Center are obligated to treat one another, as well as the population the Center serves, with respect and dignity at all times. The Center does not tolerate harassment, discrimination or abusive behavior in any form.

This refers to both sexual harassment, which includes:

9. Deliberate and repeated offensive comments, gestures or physical contact of a sexual nature in any LSC related setting, including meals, events and programs of the LSC.

10. Sexual jokes, teasing, comments, sexual innuendoes, or even the presence of suggestive posters or other objects may create a hostile or intimidating environment. A hostile or intimidating work environment may even be created by supervisor and an employee he/she supervises.

As well as any and all unacceptable behavior including:

11. Physical contact that includes touching, pinching, patting, kissing, grabbing, assault, or interfering with/ or blocking movement.

12. Suggestive or obscene communication, online or in person.

13. Making or using derogatory comments, epithets, slurs and jokes.

14. Displaying cartoons, posters and/or other offensive material.

REPORTING If you’ve experienced any inappropriate behavior- picking, bullying, assault, physical or emotional harassment or any other harassment or abuse, it should be reported immediately via the “Incident Abuse Report” form on the Center’s homepage and contact page. The reporting of such behavior is encouraged and will not, in any way, jeopardize the person who is reporting the infraction.


14. There is no smoking allowed while working or volunteering with clients of the Center and/or community members. All volunteers and staff members are prohibited from being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, which may impair performance and judgment while carrying out their duties.

15. Staff and volunteers are not to involve participants in any setting or activity that could be interpreted as being inappropriate or suggestive.

16. All staff and volunteers must behave appropriately. No yelling, swearing, angry or aggressive, etc. behaviors are permitted.


17. Volunteers transporting individuals, food or furniture on behalf of the Center must have a valid Israeli driver’s license. Those using a Center vehicle must have an accident and point-free license for the past 3 years. Volunteers driving in their own vehicles must be protected under their own automobile insurance policies.


18. Staff and Volunteers who do not adhere to the policies and procedures of the Center, or who fail to perform their assignments satisfactorily in the absolute discretion of the Center, will be subject to termination.