Donate Furniture & Appliances

To Lone Soldiers

We collect donations of furniture and appliances in the Jerusalem Area ONLY.

If you are in the Tel Aviv area and have furniture/appliances to donate, we will try to connect you directly with a lone soldier in need.

Donate Items in Jerusalem

Fill out the form to donate items:

Contact Information


We currently ONLY collect furniture in the Jerusalem Area.
If you would like to donate from the Tel Aviv area, click here.
Items to Donate

Please keep in mind, in general we only deliver the following items:
washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, beds, mattresses and couches.

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Donate Items in the Tel Aviv Area

Thank you for thinking of our soldiers.

If you wish to donate furniture and/ or electrical appliances please send the following to

1. Name and contact information

2. Address of pick-up location

3. Description of furniture/ appliance (ex., measurements, condition of
appliance, etc.)

4. Three clear photos of the furniture/ appliance

NB: Photos, description, and contact information will be posted to our private Facebook group. Interested soldiers will contact you directly.