Housing for Lone Soldiers

The Lone Soldier Center can find you housing in our Jerusalem home, through our mini-garin program (in Jerusalem) on a kibbutz or in our Beit Shemesh home. If you are interested in one of these options, please fill out the form below.  If you would like to speak with an adviser about other options please contact us.

Lone Soldier Housing Form

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Explanation of our Housing Options

Herzliya House

The villa in Herzliya is a spacious house with a yard, and only a 5 minute walk from the beach. It is located in a great community that supports the project.  Lots of great food and warmth!

Kibbutz/ Religious Kibbutz

Lone soldiers have the option of living on a kibbutz. The advantages of living on a kibbutz include community life, beautiful surroundings, access to pools and other kibbutz facilities.  Kibbutzim also provide you with a warm adopted family.  There are religious and secular kibbutzim that the LSC can place you on.

There is a new Garin at Kibbutz Migdal Oz! It is located 20 minutes outside of Jerusalem, has rooms with AC, dining hall, laundry provided, clubhouse, and more! For religious/Masorti male and female soldiers.

Jerusalem Arnona House

A beautiful building full of apartments only for Lone Soldiers in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem. Low rent. Close to lots of buses and walking distance from town.

Tel Aviv Suburb Villa (Currently Full)

Big house with a yard in a nice community (Sharei Tikvah) with tree lined streets. 30 feet from a gym with a gorgeous outdoor pool with free membership for lone soldiers. Totally free housing! Space limited.

Mini-Garin in Jerusalem

The LSC mini-garin program works as follows: A drafting Lone Soldier collects a group of 4 or more friends who want to live in Jerusalem.  We help you find an apartment and furnish it.

Beit Shemesh Home

The Lone Soldiers’ Home in Beit Shemesh is a shomer shabbat home for 12 male soldiers, which has been adopted by the surrounding communities of olim. It is a three story villa, with porches and gardens, fully furnished and stocked with food all week long. Close to bus stops and stores, the home is a short ride to the train.  Click here for more information. Space is limited.

Bayit L'Chayalot (Opening August 2017)

The LSC Bayit L’Chayalot will be a home in Jerusalem for female lone soldiers. The home is expected to open in August 2017.

Adoptive Family (Jerusalem only)

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