Board Members

Board Members and Executive Committee
Neil Gillman
Board Member
Joe Yudin
Ari Abramowitz
Board of Trustees
Ari Abramowitz is an Israel activist who has been featured on CNN, Fox News, BBC, and other outlets. He was a Knesset candidate for the Jewish Home political party and hosted the Jerusalem based TV show “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem” .
Frank Giron
Board of Trustees
FRANK GARRUN (GIRON in Israel) Born in South Africa 1942. Studied economics at Witwatersrand and Tel Aviv Universities 1962 – 1968. Served in Israeli Army Combat Engineers corp. until age 44. Served in Intelligence unit until age 51 Developed properties in Israel, USA, UK, Spain, Romania and Cyprus in the fields of High Tech. Parks, Shopping Malls, Office and Industrial Parks, Medical and Housing. Listed on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) in 1999 as Giron Development and Building Ltd. Sold company in 2002 and retired and thereafter did developments abroad and charity work. Charity Board and Volunteer Experience: Founder / Chairman of Belingson Hospital Childrens Heart unit -1975 to 1985 AUTISM - (Yeladim Be’Sikun- Children at Risk), Founder member and fund raiser from 1992 ESRA (English Speaking Residents Association), Fundraising Committee and Shop director. 1995 – 2014 SCHNEIDER CHILDRENS HOSPITAL –Board of Trustees from 2008 ANXIETY IN CHILDREN UNIT (Schneider Hospital) -founder and first Chairman 2006 BEGIN HERITAGE MUSEUM in Jerusalem,- Chairman of Building Committee. 1997 – 2004 (7 years.) PUSH –Senior volunteer teacher since 2005 in coaching underprivileged school children - weekly, BEIT PROTEA AGED HOME (Home for the Aged South Africans in Israel) Past fund raising organizer. Sporting activities: Power walk, swim, scuba dive, windsurf, snowboard
Moshe Ben Bassat
Israel Focus Board
Founder and CEO of Click Software
Ari Krauss
Executive Committee
Ari is a former lone soldier and served in Sayeret Golani as a combat soldier. He has an MA in National Security Studies and consults as a geo-political intelligence analyst.
Asher Schapiro
Board of Trustees
Asher Schapiro has served as Director of Arel Communications and Software Ltd. since January 2002. In 1985, Mr. Schapiro founded a US based computerized marketing company and serves as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Schapiro is on the board of several Israeli high-tech companies, including Arelnet, Imagine and First Access. He has also served as Senior Consultant to Singapore based Cisco Security (Certiss). He was a member of the Board of Yeshiva University-REITS and is currently Chairman of the Board of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue.
Eric Sirkin
Board of Trustees
Dr. Sirkin holds a PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of California-Berkeley. His extensive career included working for the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and founded or helped manage numerous Silicon Valley start-ups including Zoran, Signafy, GetThere, Buz Interactive, Silexos and more. He spent many years at Apple.
Kovi Rose
Executive Committee
Kovi is a former lone soldier from Australia who served both in combat roles and as an Electro-Optics Technician. He is currently studying Physics at Hebrew University.
Elan Zivotofsky
Board of Trustees
Yakov Siso
Israel Focus Board
CEO and founder of Keren Yisodot
Doron Amir
Israel Focus Board, Executive Committee
Leading Israeli Business Man and Entrepreneur
Richard Corman
Board of Trustees and Community Services
Richard and his wife made aliya from New Jersey. Richard serves as the Development Executive for StandWithUs Israel, as well as the Vice-President of Community Services for the LSC. Richard also initiated the “Chaverim of the Lone Soldier Center” in North America.