Jerusalem Marathon 2017

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Register as a runner for the Jerusalem marathon

Join the Lone Soldier Center’s team for the Jerusalem Marathon – March 17, 2017.
We will register you for the marathon, cover your fees and collect your marathon kit for you. Additionally you’ll get an awesome LSC dri-fit running shirt and be invited to participate in our pre-marathon dinner and meetings. All we ask of you is to raise a minimum of $100 donations and help support the Center.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please email
We look forward to having you join our team!

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Lone Soldier Center Waiver & Declaration

I request to participate in the Jerusalem Marathon that will take place on March 18, 2016 (to hereby be known as: “The Marathon”) as a volunteer for the group known as the non-profit organization, The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin Z”L (to hereby be known as: “The Non-Profit Organization”), and therefore I hereby declare and obligate myself to the following: 

I request help from the non-profit organization in registering/participating in the marathon.

I declare that I understand that I am registered to the Jerusalem marathon through the non-profit organization and that the marathon is prepared only by the company that organizes marathons.

I request to participate as a member of the non-profit organization only as a volunteer, and I am aware that the non-profit organization is only a mediator for my participation, and is not responsible for any damage of any type, which may occur, bodily harm, damage to goods, myself or others, complaints, lawsuits etc.

Training I do before the marathon is my own initiative, individually or as part of the Center's training group. I accept all of the dangers related to training and I release and clear the Center of all responsibility.

I declare that I have no medical restrictions and there is nothing to prevent me from training for the marathon I will participate in.

I know that the training and participation in the marathon contain inherent dangers to my body which could include physical injury or even death. 

I release the Center from all responsibility in regards to injury which may occur in training and during the marathon, directly or indirectly for any and all reason. 

During training and the marathon I may get injured as a result of running on public streets and I understand all of the risks included in this including the potential for traffic accidents

I declare that the Center recommends for me to check all of the conditions related\connected to my participation in the marathon including insurance policies, and I release the Center from all responsibility.
Declaration of Health/Payment

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