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Shoshana Nurkin - Efrat-born, pride of 2 cities, has assisted, helped, translated and smoothed the integration and service of 1000+ lone soldiers as a National Service volunteer at the Jerusalem Lone Soldier Center. Shoshana is the ultimate combination of brains, class, heart and niceness. All of us are extremely thankful for how much you've invested in us - the soldiers, volunteers, staff and everyone who interacts with the Center. You always smile, through good times and bad. You always stay positive and motivate those around you. We are so thankful for all that you have done for us. We know you'll keep helping out, but it will be hard not seeing you everyday :( ... See MoreSee Less

Shoshana Nurkin, יונתן וייזינגר and 21 others like this

Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael LevinWe'll miss you Shoshana! Always a part of the LSC family xx4 hours ago   ·  3
Josh Brookמזל טוב לשוש המדהימה! אתגעגע מאוד! תצטרכי לבוא לשחק פעם ב- איתי ואריאל! גושי-וושי!4 hours ago   ·  4

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Meet Elisha, from Edgware, London. He serves as a combat soldier in the Kfir Brigade.

Elisha attended a gap year program in Israel, which was his inspiration to make Aliyah and join the army. Elisha said, “The Lone Soldier Center helped me a lot before I enlisted, they advised me, told me who to speak to and where to go. Now that I’m already in the army, I try to pop in whenever I’m off base."

Thus far, his service has been an interesting, yet difficult adjustment, and in his own words: “I don't think Israelis appreciate the fact that they can go home to and enjoy the small things, such as chicken soup. But it is okay because the lone soldier community has become my family, here in Israel.”

Elisha was most surprised when he came across the kindness and helpfulness of his other fellow Israeli soldiers.When he first drafted, he had very poor Hebrew skills, and his squad took it upon themselves to help on a daily basis and improve his Hebrew.

After the army, Elisha plans to stay in Israel to study, though his major is still undecided.

If you would like to sponsor a lone soldier, please click on the following link:
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Abigail Erin SaundersSo proud!!!!!!7 hours ago
Samantha Hamilton Joshiyay Elisha! We in Edgware are very proud of you!8 hours ago
Sarah PraisBrave, from Edgware and good looks!4 hours ago
Joanne LevyGo Elisha!!!!!9 hours ago
Yoni Collinsאחי!!!9 hours ago
Simon SkandraniKol ha kavod.2 hours ago
Batya LevyWhoohoo 🎉 🎉and ^ I beg to differ he's my brother. ❤❤😘😘9 hours ago
Naphtali HerbsmanKeep up the good work man.53 minutes ago
Ilan Chana GrossmanShulamis Levy and Dan levy u should be very proud6 hours ago
Shloime RichhillElisha Levy 👌👍8 hours ago

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If anyone needs seats for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the Great Synagogue of Jerusaelm is offering seats to lone soldiers.
To sign up and for more information, please call 02-502-2211

מי שצריך מקומות לראש השנה ויום כיפור, בית כנסת הגדול של ירושלים מציע מקומות לחיילים בודדים.
להרשמה ולמידע נוסף, התקשרו ל- 02-502-2211
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