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Maslul Michael

The first ever army preparatory program by commanders and officers who were themselves lone soldiers.

Maslul Michael prepares you to be a leader in the IDF.

Program Length:

8 weeks


The objective of Maslul Michael is to bridge the gap that exists between lone soldiers from foreign backgrounds and native-born Israeli soldiers drafting into the IDF. Those who take part will be better prepared for the army, better integrated into Israeli society and ready for pre-draft interviews and try-outs.
The curriculum of Maslul Michael is based on the methodologies and content of existing Israeli mechina (Pre-Army Academies) as a model, with changes and adaptations made to best fit the needs and backgrounds of the incoming immigrant or Mahal volunteer lone soldiers.

Program elements include:

  • Improving Hebrew language skills, with an emphasis on army-Hebrew
  • Mental and physical preparation of all participants
  • Day and night navigations
  • Making life-long friends with young Jews moving to Israel from around the world
  • Connect and learn from other lone soldiers
  • Increase your chances of being accepted into elite units as well as higher capacity non-combat positions
  • Hike, see and love the land of Israel

At the end of the 8 weeks, participants are assisted with the draft process, whether it be through Mahal, Garin Tzabar or independent Aliyah. There is no requirement that participants must enlist or make Aliyah after the mechina program.

Program Dates: June 12-August 3, 2017

$700 Included: Full board (3 meals-a-day), lodging, insurance, transportation, and program costs.
*Participants are responsible for their own flights to Israel (and return if not drafting).

The Maslul Michael program is operated in partnership by the Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin, Mehinat Kol Ami, the IDF Education Corps, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption.


Dorm rooms on Mechinat Kol Ami’s campus in the Jerusalem Forest.

For more information:

Email or call the Lone Soldier Center’s Jerusalem Office 02-502-2211