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The volunteers & staff of the Lone Soldier Center

Behind our programs is a dedicated team of over 300 volunteers, primarily former lone soldiers. They are led by a professional staff with decades of experience helping, supporting and solving problems for lone soldiers – inside and outside of the army.

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Josh Flaster
National Director
Josh graduated from Yale University and went on to serve in the IDF for 3 years as a lone soldier in a special forces infantry unit. After finishing his IDF service, Josh helped create the Lone Soldier Center in memory of their friend Michael Levin.
Tziki Aud
Senior Advisor
Tziki was Michael Levin’s adopted father in Israel and hosts countless lone soldiers in his home. He has worked with the Jewish Agency, running absorption centers and assisting lone soldiers. Today Tziki works for the LSC with at-risk populations of lone soldiers.
Ari Kalker
Director of housing and special projects
Ari served as a commander and combat lone soldier in the IDF for 4 years. After completing his mandatory service he helped found and develop the Lone Soldier Center in memory of his friend Michael.
Michael Meyerheim
Mike is a veteran lone soldier and served during the first Lebanon war. He now lives with his family on Kibbutz Gesher in the North and has created lone soldier housing there as well as in surrounding kibbutzim.
Jake Flaster
Head of Olim Program
Jake was an highly decorated officer in the Givati Infantry Brigade, went on to the Shin Bet, and is a Company Commander assigned to Israel's Southern Command in his Reserve Service. Jake was a lone soldier with a degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Bar Ilan University.
Tova Esserman
Tel Aviv Regional Coordinator
Bonnie Holzberg Rosenbaum
Meals and Community Help Coordinator
Josh Brook
Parent Liaison Coordinator
Ari Carroll
Logistics Coordinator
Lizzie Noach
Community Relations
Rachel Wagner
JLM Volunteer Social Coordinator
Avi Gluck
JLM Volunteer Advising Coordinator
Tal Kandil
TLV Advising Coordinator
Michal Elbaz
Israeli Soldier Team, JLM
Gabi Sallmander
Bat Sherut, JLM
Shiraz Maazari
Bat Sherut, TLV
Miriam Edry
Bat Sherut, JLM
Aluma Giat
Bat Sherut, JLM
Eliad Haune
Bat Sherut, TLV